Meet Vincenzo Cammisuli, the owner and founder of ENZO SALON.

A Toronto native, I was born to Italian parents who immigrated to Canada in the 70s. As a child I was fascinated with creation. My creative mind was always running, and my hands simply tried to keep up with the creations of my mind. Scissors and paint brushes were my go to. Cutting intricate shapes out of construction paper and attaching them to a paint smeared canvas was what I felt to be my ultimate creation as a kid. Ironically, scissors and hair colour brushes are now the tools I use every day to make my dreams and passion come to life.  

My journey as a stylist began at the age of 8 when I can recall being captivated while watching my mother style her clients hair, both in salon and at our home. When people asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would respond, 'Hairdresser'!  In high school, I took my coop placement at a salon, and somehow found my way onto the floor as a stylist. I suppose all the years of watching my mom rubbed off, as styling hair came very naturally to me. Several hair academies later, I felt ready to take on the world of hair. Originally I intended to open my own salon right away, however I was quickly humbled when I budged the finances that my dream venture required. With great passion I entered the world of hairstyling.  I was bright eyed and ambitious, with my favourite two tools of creation in hand, ready to take on the world.  
I quickly discovered that that each day presented an opportunity to bring happiness into each of my clients lives, and this fuelled my love for hair even more. Hair is transformational, it has the ability to create confidence, happiness and a feeling of refreshment. Much of my early work utilized the skills I was taught in school. These skills are effective and produce incredible results. However, I believe the magic is within the heart of the stylist, this where passion and creative energy come from. Over time I have cultivated a balance of skill, passion, and creativity to fuse into what I feel is the most genuine version of myself as a stylist.
On January 1, 2016, I opened the doors of my ultimate creation, Enzo Salon.